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Mission Statement

Journey Preschool is a mixed-ages learning environment that focuses on social and emotional learning as well as curiosity and investigation.  We believe in meeting a child where they are and joining them on their journey of learning



Core Values

1-to foster curiosity and independence

2-to focus on compassion and courtesy

3-to encourage creativity

4- to focus on the whole child

5- to grow community and sense of belonging


The classroom has 3 simple rules. 

1- Be a Super Friend

2-Keep our classroom clean

3-Listen to teachers and each other

School Hours

Journey Preschool operates Monday thru Friday 9-3:30 pm with aftercare hours running until 5:30 pm.  

  • Journey Preschool is currently an accredited program through the National Association for Family Child Care

  • Journey Preschool is participating in the Maryland Alliance for Pre-K programs

  • Journey Preschool participates in Maryland Excels for quality early childhood at level 5

  • Ms. Jenn is credentialed with the department of education at a level 6

  • We are Nationally Accredited by the National Association for Family Child Care. 

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